No Bull Steaks

Another No Bull product for you and this time I thought I would try a steak. Now I don’t think I have ever had a steak in my life – even when I did eat met there is just something unappealing about having a massive chunk of meat just lying on your plate. So because of that I have never sought out a steak alternative. But then I saw these on offer and decided to give them a go.

First of all these steaks are really pretty small. The picture below does not exaggerate. Due to their size we had them with some chips and some left over garlic bread, because alone these things are not enough for a proper meal. At least…not by my standards!

Secondly they do not taste like steak. At least not how I thought they were taste. As they made out of mushrooms, these steaks taste like mushrooms. Now don’t get me wrong, they’re still pretty yummy, but if you don’t like mushrooms you probably won’t like this. Mushrooms are also a pretty wet food, so these steaks were juicy. But again, they just tasted like mushrooms. Perhaps if you had a sauce or something then it may taste a bit different?

And lastly, these were kind of disappointing. They tasted nice, sure, but only because I like mushrooms. They definitely do not have the texture of steak (or meat for that matter) and you can definitely tell that you are eating mushrooms that have just been shaped into a triangle. It would probably be cheaper and quicker to just fry up some mushrooms and shape them yourself, rather than hunting for these in a supermarket and waiting for them to cook.

Overall: 5/10. These are fine…if you wanted something steak-y without it tasting or feeling like steak, then this is great. But it’s not really for me.

T xxx

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