No Bull steak burgers

Another week, another burger to try! One of the best things about being vegan is you will never be without a burger option. For the most part they are also all really affordable and are easy to pick up.

The No Bull range can be found in Iceland and Asda (at least where I live) so are pretty easy to come by. These burgers were also £2, which is also pretty good value since they are quite big beefy burgers. Of course by beefy I mean thick…there is no beef in them. That would defeat the purpose of them being on the blog…

Unfortunately these were kind of disappointing. They taste nice…they taste like burgers. But the texture is just…odd. They have that frozen texture. The outer edges were nice because they crisped up the most and had that very nice burger texture to them. But the further you got into the centre of the burger the more wet and flaky it got. But not in a good juicy kind of way. Just in a bad ‘this is like a wet book’ type way.

Now I don’t know if that’s because we maybe needed to cook them for longer, but we cooked them as instructed on the packet and even left it slightly longer so the outside was pretty charred. But the middle was still just…soggy. While I don’t necessarily want my vegan food to remind me of meat or to act as a perfect replacement for meat, I also don’t want it to be like chewing wet cardboard. Perhaps because it is made from mushrooms meant it was always going to be a bit wetter than expected, but either way it was a let down.

The other aspect is that it doesn’t really taste of much. It tasted charred, but that’t how I cooked it, so it had a slight smokey flavour to it. But other than that it didn’t really taste of much. perhaps if I had added some ketchup or cheese slices or lettuce and tomato to it then it may have all worked really well together, but as a stand alone burger it was quite bland.

Overall: 3/10. There are better burger options out there. If any of you guys have mastered the art of cooking these though, please let me know as I may need to try again!

T xxx

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