BOSH! Lemon Drizzle Cake

BOSH! are one of the most well known vegan food makers. They have their own cookbook that reads like the vegan bible. They can turn plants into the most amazing dinners and have easy to follow recipes. However they do tend to have a LOT of steps and a LOT of ingredients. So if you are like me (i.e someone who kind of sucks at cooking) then all you want is for BOSH! to bring out their own ready made versions of their cookbook foods. Well….our prayers are answered!

This weekend was one of birthday celebrations for a family member, so what better excuse for cake than a birthday?! On offer was a chocolate cake and a lemon drizzle. They are kind of expensive, at £3.50 each, which is kind of steep bearing in mind the cakes are about the size of a side dish. But that being said, these BOSH! cakes are some of the very few – if not the only – vegan ready made cake that I have found on sale at a supermarket. Usually if I want a vegan cake I have to either make it myself or order a specially made one from a bakery….or just have a cupcake.

Yes I ate an entire quarter of the cake. And yes, I could have eaten more of it. Don’t judge me.

This cake is very nice though. It does taste store bought, in that it isn’t as light and fluffy as fresh cakes would be, but with a proper cup of tea it goes down a treat. As I say it is a little bit stodgy, but so far as store bought cakes go it isn’t actually as sickly sweet as I was expected. Granted lemon drizzle isn’t meant to be sweet, but you know what I mean.

Honestly I don’t think I would buy this very often, simply because it is not wise for me to have an entire cake just sat in my house for two people to eat. But for celebrations, or cake sales or dinner parties, this is a readily available alternative. Hopefully as well, if these cakes do really well and are popular with people, hopefully BOSH! may even release more flavours of cakes and even cakes that are as big as the non-vegan options are.

Overall: 8/10. Not something I’d buy very often, but glad that these are so easily available when I can’t be asked to make my own!

T xxx

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