Rescuing an injured stray cat: UPDATE

If you are just joining this, you can read the whole story in my previous post here.

Unfortunately, Mr Kitty didn’t make it.

His injuries were too severe and he also had internal injuries that could not be fixed. The vets deemed it was more humane to put him to sleep. They told me that they did all that they could but for welfare reasons euthanasia was the best option.

As I was not the owner, there wasn’t much they could tell me, but when I asked about what may have caused his injuries they said that while they couldn’t know for certain, it’s most likely that he was hit by a car and then just left. Which I won’t even begin to get into but it’s safe to say it made me feel levels of anger I didn’t know possible.

I like to believe that he got to know at least some comfort and some kindness in his life. It may be wishful thinking, but I am still glad that he didn’t have to suffer unnecessarily. At least now he is out of pain and at peace. And as much as I would have loved to see him healthy and happy and back to be a sassy cat once more, I do appreciate that the likelihood of it happening was very low.

If I saw another cat – or any animal for that matter – in need on the side of the road I would still do this all over again. It does suck, and I am upset that Mr Kitty didn’t make it, but I guess I just have to view it that I did all that I could have done. I do wonder if things would have been different had I found him sooner, or if one of the many passersby had stopped to help him before me, but at the end of the day it is what it is. Henry and I did all that we could and we hopefully made Mr Kitty’s last few days more bearable.

If you do have a pet, please give them a big cuddle and lots of love tonight. Stay safe everyone ❤

T xxx

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