Ranking of Plant Based Milks

One of my latest finds on Netflix has been the docuseries, (Un)Well. In this series, each episodes looks at a different ‘wellness fad’ in the world. This covers things such as tantra, essential oils and fasting. The series do not go too in detail about any of the subjects, as each episode is a half hour long, but it does give a nice little introduction to the basics of each subject.

One of the subjects was that of people who purchase and consume breast milk. As in literal milk from a human woman. It looks at how this initially started as a milk sharing platform, to help babies who were born premature or adopted babies or any woman who cannot make her own breast milk for her babies. But then people started to buy the excess milk to help them in the gym and with their overall health. It is interesting to think about however it is also a subject that would need A LOT of further research into before any proper outcome can be reached as to whether this is good for you or not.

Now at first my initial response to hearing that grown adults chose to drink breast milk was ‘EW’ and ‘That’s so gross!’ but then when I actually thought about it, is it any weirder than humans drinking the breast milk of a cow? Or a sheep? Or a dog? When you really think about it drinking breast milk from any animal is only beneficial if you are a baby of that creature. Now I am not an expert, and truth be told I have not delved that deeply into this debate, because to me I would not drink the milk of a human female, so why would I drink the milk of a female cow or sheep or goat? I wouldn’t.

Which then brings you to the issue of which plant based milk is best. There are so many options out there, with so many different companies making so many varying plant based milks that it can be over whelming and at time very tedious to find the Perfect Plant Based Milk. So to help, here is my ranking of the best milks.


This is my preferred choice of milk. I cannot tell the difference really between the brands, although usually the more expensive brands are a lot creamier than the cheaper. But to me the difference is really minor and I’m not too fussed about that. I also prefer unsweetened soya milk, just because the sweetened stuff tastes SO sugary that it can be overpowering. I do not need my cup of tea to taste like it has 50 sugars in it!

The main type I buy is Tesco own brand soya milk. Purely because it tastes good, it mixes well in my cereal and my tea, works well in baking and is also only 50p a carton. I am not a coffee drinker, so cannot comment on how it works with this. Based on the majority of online reviews though, the best soya milk to use with coffee is the Alpro Barista range of milks, as it does not split in the hot coffee and also froths up the best.


I do not drink this too often, as I find it to be very watery. That being said I will use it for cooking and baking more than soya. It is naturally sweet, which means I don’t have to add extra sugar (usually) and is also watery enough that it means I don’t have to add much more wet ingredients. It also gives everything a slight coconut taste to it which is nice in baking and cooking, but not so good in your tea or coffee.


I am convinced that this is just slightly murky water. It doesn’t taste of anything so in that way it is good for cooking, baking and adding to your cereal or morning cuppa, but it is very watery. At least the brands that I have tried. It always seems far too watery, to the point where my cereal may as well be covered in water for the difference it seems to make.


Like coconut, my issue with almost is that it makes everything taste like almonds. So it is good to use for baking, as it is also quite creamy and has the nice almond flavouring, but for every day consumption it can be a bit of an overpowering taste. My partner is also allergic to nuts, so almond is not something that we have in the house.

The others that I have yet to try

  • Pea milk – this supposedly exists but I have yet to see if in any food store. I believe you can buy it online or at health food stores, but these also tend to be so expensive I am not sure it would be worth the money just to try.
  • peanut – nut allergy, so a no go for my house.
  • Hemp – again, I know that this milk exists but again I cannot find it anywhere for a reasonable price or in an easily accessible shop or place.
  • cashew – I have seen this a few times in stores, but it always appears to be £2 more expensive than every other option out there. So I’ve never tried it. To those who have, is it worth it? I imagine it to be similar to almond milk except…..with cashews.

What is your favourite type of plant based milk? Let me know in the comments if there are any super special milks or brands that I should try.

T xxx

4 thoughts on “Ranking of Plant Based Milks

  1. My favourite is Hazelnut milk. Coffee and hot chocolate are delicious with that milk. I hope you could try one day as it might not be good idea to buy it for your home. Furthermore, cashew is also very tasty and I strongly recommend it.


    1. Oooh I may have to try those then! I love hazelnuts but can’t eat them too often due to allergies at home. May have to try both on a solo day out….just in case!


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