Tortilla Vegan Bowls

Around a year ago I discovered Tortilla, which is a burrito chain. It’s like subway…but for burritos. They also do ‘naked burritos’ which are just basic burrito bowls. You pick your size and then just load it up with what you like. I have also noticed that the people who work at Tortilla are super generous with their portions so you definitely get a big helping!

Ingredient wise, you pick and choose your rice, beans and toppings. They do meats (naturally) but they also do fried veggies and now jackfruit (!!) for a vegan option. As I said, it is what it says…customisable burritos and burrito bowls. I also like to kid myself that a huge bowl of rice and beans and guacamole is a really healthy dinner for me….please don’t tell me differently!

Overall: 9/10. I would rather this over subway any day! Plus it is also one of the few fast foods that isn’t covered in grease or oil…and has jackfruit as an option!!

T xxx

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