Meatless Farm Company Sausages

I fear that we are now in British Winter once more…The weather in England has taken a nasty turn – thunderstorms and horrific winds – so the idea of a BBQ will have to wait until next year. But one of our favourite comfort foods are hotdogs. We decided to give these ones a try!

These fry up so well! Literally about 10 minutes and they are good to go. They taste like the Richmond sausages but have the texture of the Ikea hot dogs. So in my book that is a win win! You get 6 in a packet, so we had 3 each….and surprisingly I am pretty full up without feeling horribly full up.

Ignore the bread….SOMEONE forgot to take the hotdog rolls out of the freezer today so they weren’t defrosted in time.

Overall: 8/10. Not as good as the Richmond sausages, but a very close second.

T xxx

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