GBK Plant Based Cheese Burger

FINALLY a new chance to try a new vegan meal out in the real world. Our local GBK is finally re-open so we decided to once again make use for the Eat out to Help Out scheme and give their new plant based burger a go.

GBK plant based cheese burger

This burger uses the Impossible Burger patty and vegan cheese slices to make it look and taste like your meat burger. And my word does it do a good job. It looks exactly like a meat burger and has the exact same texture. It’s not as ‘wet’ or ‘juicy’ as I remember meat burgers being (which I think can be put down to the amount of grease and oil that they contain) which was actually quite refreshing.

One downside is that alone, the patty doesn’t really taste of much. Now I am a massive wimp when it comes to spice, so I was actually very glad to see that this burger has zero spicy components to it. It comes with vegan garlic mayo, vegan cheese, tomato, lettuce and some red onion. So combined, it was a really good burger which is just what you need one these hot summer days. Although, if I was just to have the patty on its own, I don’;t think it would taste of…well anything really.

The other downside of GBK is that they are definitely on the higher end of the vegan options. £13.50 for one burger (!!) and you can’t really have chips with it. The chips, while they are vegan, are cooked in the same oils as the rest of the food, so that oil could contain meat, egg and milk. Now I know that doesn’t mean it does contain animal products, but I personally don’t feel comfortable eating them. So £13.50 just for a burger seems pretty expensive, when if I really wanted one it would be cheaper for me to go buy an Impossible Patty at the supermarket and cook it at home myself.

Overall: 7/10. Definitely worth a try, and very nice for special occasions, but not something I would go for on a regular basis.

T xxx


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