Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Ice lollies

Another accidentally vegan find for you!

One of the best ice lollies around is the Rowntrees fruit pastilles. Unfortunately the candy that these are based off of are not vegan (*insert sobbing face here*) but these little gems are accidentally vegan. They consist of ice and fruit juice and taste exactly how you would think a fruit pastille would taste if it was frozen.


Again, these are what they say they are and are really easy to find in almost all convenience stores and local shops. They are also rather inexpensive (£2 for a packet of 4 at my local Tesco) and in the hot weather these are good to have on hand. They taste like candy and fruit – so that’s a win win in my books!

Overall: 8/10. Can’t go wrong with a good ice lolly.

T xxx

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