Tesco Vanilla and toffee Ice creams

With the heatwave that has talent he UK by storm this week, there was only one thing you can have for dinner…and that’s an ice cream!

Now as great as the Vegan Magnums and the Ben and Jerry’s ice creams are, they are still pretty expensive for what they are. Tesco have been stepping up their vegan range hugely lately: Granted, it is technically their ‘Free From’ range, but this does mean that a lot of their options are vegan friendly.


There isn’t much to say about them…they are vanilla and toffee ice creams. In a cone. Plus they are pretty cheap: £1.50 for a pack of 4. So not bad if you need a little extra treat during the heatwaves to help you cope. I know I did! They taste exactly how you would expect them to – like vanilla ice cream with some toffee in the middle.


Overall: 7/10. Not the most decadent out there, but a good cheap option if you need something more than just an ice lolly.

T xxx

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