Jus Rol Pains au chocolate

Bienvenue mon ami!

One thing that everyone can agree on is that a continental breakfast is quite possibly the best version of a breakfast. Sure everyone loves a British fry up but have you ever seen anyone pass up a pain au chocolate?? Exactly.


These are an accidentally vegan, bad-chef friendly version of your favourite french pastries. They do also do a croissant version, but these are my favourite. I am also quite a bad chef, especially when it comes to making anything delicate, such as puff pastry which all pastries seem to require. Therefore these are the best option for me if I fancy a vegan friendly version.


Now when I say that they are idiot-proof I mean they are REALLY hard to get wrong. They come free prepared, and pre-cut to size and all you have to do is put the chocolate strips onto the pastry and roll them. THen you bake them for 15-20 minutes (until golden brown) and there we go…done! The only way you can mess these up is if you leave them in the oven too long and you burn them.


Now these are not quite as good as the originals, mainly because the pastry is obviously pre-made and pre-prepared, so it isn’t as flaky as one prepared fresh. But these are still a really good, quick, and vegan alternative if you just fancy a little treat for breakfast. Here in England it has been 35 degrees (celcuis!!) for the past week and we British folk are not bred for such heat. Therefore these little gems are getting me through my morning when it is too hot to eat anything big first thing in the morning. They are also quite expensive for what you get (these were £2.50 for a pack, and each pack makes 6 pains) so they are not something that I buy on a regular basis. But if I am doing a picnic, or a party or just a fancy breakfast, then these are definitely a must!

Overall: 6/10. They are good, but are definitely a once in a while treat rather than a weekly buy.

T xxx

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