Sarelle Dark chocolate and Hazelnut bar


I found this little gem while I was meant to be looking for something different. I was down the ‘World Foods’ aisle at my local Tesco when I saw the words ‘chocolate bar’ and lost all memory of why I was down this aisle in the first place.


So this bar – from what I could make out – is like a cream/nougat filled kit kat. It’s chocolate and hazelnut cream, wrapped in a wafer and then covered in dark chocolate. It was labelled suitable for vegetarians and was actually an accidentally vegan product!


There isn’t much to say about this apart from the fact that it is pretty nice. It is quite rich, so one really would be enough to eat in one sitting, but it is also a very light snack so doesn’t fill you up very much. I had this and about ten minutes later I was looking for something else to munch on because I was still hungry. It does have some nice crunch to it and it tasted pretty much like nutella. So can’t really go wrong with that.

Overall: 5/10. It was ok. Definitely worth a try, but it is probably not my go-to for a good chocolate bar.

T xxx

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