Vegan at Shakeaway

Shakeaway is an English milkshake chain where you can make your own milkshake using fruit, sweets, chocolate and confectionery. Due to this, the options are limitless and you can create whatever concoction you like. But they also have the option of having soya ice cream and soya milk in a milkshake, meaning that you can actually get a pretty big vegan milkshake anytime you want!


Now they have almost every candy under the sun, so be prepared to spend about twenty minutes picking out what you want. But to make it a bit easier, my ranking of the flavours that I have tried are as follows:

              1. Biscoff
              2. Bubblegum Millions
              3. Love Hearts Candy
              4. Oreos
              5. Skittles
              6. Strawberry Millions
              7. Parma violets

Now these are on the pricier side of treats, with a small (regular) drink costing £4.50, but as a once in a while treat they are definitely worth a little splurge. If you happen to come across one in your travels I would highly recommend them!

The only thing to be mindful of in Shakeaway is that they take their allergies very seriously (As they should!). When you ask for soya they will ask you if it is an allergy or a preference. If you say allergy, be aware that they will check their allergy guide and will most likely refuse to serve you certain items on their menu if there is even a slight risk of allergens being present. It’s nice to see a company take their allergens so seriously, so just be prepared for some of your options to be less!

What flavours have you guys tried that I should do next? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to pick it up soon!

T xxx

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