Vegan at Wagamamas

In England, the government has created the ‘Eat out to Help Out’ Scheme throughout the month of August to encourage people to eat out at restaurants once again after the Rona Crisis. The majority of places are participating in it, and it means that all food and drink (except alcohol) is 50% off on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

To coincide with all of this, the majority of the restaurants near me opened on the 1 August and I actually forgot how lovely it is to eat out. While I have loved to try new home recipes and to try and cook more during lockdown, there is just something special about having someone else cook you a professional meal.

So of course we went to one of our favourite restaurants….Wagamamas! Their vegan selection is amazing and the food is always really top quality. It is also one of the few places where I can go out to eat, have about 4 different things, and still not feel like a massive chubster.


The vegetable yasai gyoza are so moreish and are a really lovely little starter. I don’t know what’s in them (I think sesame seeds, soya and some veg?) but whatever they contain they are bloomin’ lovely! You do get a plate of 5 but I only managed to get a picture of two…because we were hungry and have zero chill when it comes to gyoza.


Then comes the main course…my personal favourite is the vegatsu. The picture above doesn’t really do it justice, but it really does taste as good as it looks! It is a vegan katsu curry, made with panko topped seitan as the protein, katsu sauce and sticky rice. It tastes exactly like a normal katsu and the seitan is a great crispy addition to all of the soft rice and sauce. It also comes with a salad but…let’s be honest no one eats this for salad!

Regarding the Rona Restrictions in place, it actually was a very enjoyable night out. We had to queue for about 10minutes outside the restaurant as they have limited their capacity to abide by social distancing rules. But all of the servers were wearing face shields, I did see them all sanitising the tills, the cutlery and the tables on a regular basis and all were washing/sanitising their hands throughout the service. We were also seating a fair distance away from others so it meant we really could just relax and enjoy a really lovely cooked meal and a lovely night outside of the house and our own mediocre home cooking.

Overall: Wagamamas is one of my favourite places to eat out because their food is really yummy and reasonably priced considering how much food you can get. Especially now that Old Rona has hit hospitality and retail super hard, I think it is important to go out and shop where you can. Me and Henry are now planning on going out once a week for a date night and to go to all of our favourite eateries so that we can do a little bit to help the economy bounce back. If this has taught me one thing, it’s that I actually love eating out at restaurants and I really missed having that time with Henry….as much as we tried to recreate it during lockdown, it just doesn’t quite feel the same as actually sitting in a restaurant with some great food and people watching together.

Stay safe everyone and let me know if you’ve discovered any new places that I should try out! 

T xxx

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