Vegan Make Up Brands

Finding vegan make up is a strange matter: There are so many out there that a quick google means you can find brands super quick, however if you need a product for an emergency or just want to grab one thing (such as when your eyeliner runs out or your foundation dries out) it can take AGES to find somewhere that actually stocks the make up brands that you want.

Over the years I have been making my own list of where I can find my most commonly used brands. Now that most stores are also reopened and life is returning to semi-normal, I decided to share my list to help anyone out there who doesn’t want to spend more time than necessary in shops.


E.L.F cosmetics – all vegan and cruelty fee

Barry M – The majority of the Barry M products are vegan and all are cruelty free. Luckily they also make sure to label the vegan products very clearly so they are easy to find.

Collection – they do have some vegan products, but not all of them. See this list here for all of the vegan friendly products. All of their products are cruelty free though.

G.O.S.H – 80% of their products are vegan and you can find the list of products here.

Revolution – So this brand also has Revolution, I Heart Revolution and Revolution Pro. They each vary on what products they specialise in but the majority of their stuff is vegan and cruelty free. Again they are clearly labelled and easy to spot, but here is the official website if you wanted a wider collection.

MUA – They have always been cruelty free but have recently announced that they are now 100% vegan as well. They have a huge collection of products too so we are truly spoilt for choice.

NYX – again, cruelty free but not all of their stuff is vegan. They do however have a huge vegan selection, which covers their basic foundations, eyeliners and mascaras. The full list is here.

B. Cosmetics – This is the Superdrug own brand and everything they make themselves is vegan and cruelty fee. This also includes their own brand skincare, bath and hair care products.

7th Heaven – this brand specialises in face, foot and hair masks and can be found in most cosmetic stores. They do have a website too if you want to browse their entire collection.


KVD – The controversy of this brand aside, all of their products are vegan friendly and creulty free. This is definitely a bit more ‘high end’ when it comes to make up, but are still easy to find at most Boots stores or in Debenhams Stores (if you still have one of these, mind!)

Bare Minerals – not all of their products are vegan but they do have a huge collection to chose from. They also cover other skincare products and not just make up. Their full list can be found here.

Too Faced – again, not all of their products are vegan but they again have a huge selection. This also includes a lot of the basic make up products, such as highlighter, mascara and foundation. See a list here. The products tend to be clearly labelled too so should be easy to find something that you need.

Online stores

Spectrum – Those Disney Collabs are AMAZING. I may bankrupt myself with those mermaid brushes….

Beauty without Cruelty – Literally what it says.

MU London – granted this is more skincare, but they are all vegan friendly and cruelty free….and are also a favourite product used on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Other stores

Holland and Barrett – they tend to stock a lot of the lesser known brands that focus on skincare, although they do have a few lip balms or lipsticks. The stock does vary from store to store so it’s worth checking out if you fancy trying something completely new.

The Body Shop – All of their products are cruelty free and at least half of their products are vegan. This includes make up, skin care and hair products. All of the products are also very clearly labelled so should be easy to spot. A good rule of thumb though is to avoid anything that contains Honey and you should be alright, but always check just to be sure!

What are your favourite go to make up brands? Let me know in the comments and I shall add them and try them out when I am next shopping.

T xxx

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