Plant Chef No Fish Fillets

I was feeling a bit more adventurous this week and decided to try a vegan fish alternative. Now I have never been a fan of fish (unless you count tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches) so I can’t really say that I have missed fish. But hey…2020 has been a crazy year so why not give into the chaos and try something totally new?!


So all in all there is not much to say about these. They are indeed fish-like. They have a slight fishy taste to them, but nothing over powering. They are also flakey like fish and did indeed taste like battered fish. The downside was that they were quite dry, but a nice dollop of sauce on them would fix that. There is also the side note that these do not have the texture of fish (or at least so far as I remember): They are quite stodgy and it definitely made of some sort of tofu mixture.


Overall: 7/10. A nice healthy dollop of vegan mayo on these and you wouldn’t really notice that it wasn’t fish, and there would be a really good replacement for your usual fish & chips meal.

T xxx

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