The Vegan Factor Garlic Kievs

Spoiler alert….it’s bad.

I hadn’t heard of The Vegan Factor before, but when I saw that they do a garlic ‘chicken’ kiev, I decided to give it a try. Kievs are very hard to get wrong and are a staple comfort food in my family, so what could go wrong?


The answer is….everything. Unfortunately I only got the one photo and, possibly even more unfortunately, this was as good as it got.

There is not one redeeming factor about these. At least not so far as I am concerned. The inside is tofu based, and as with all tofu it can be very hard to get right. When you bite into this, it just doesn’t taste of anything. The breadcrumbs are crunchy for all of one bite, but there was so much oil and grease (as seen in the photo above) that it just became soggy really quickly.

The inside is just tofu. There is some sort of garlic paste in it but you cannot taste it. Not even a little bit. And I made sure to take a mouthful from the very centre, making sure to get breadcrumbs and tofu and loads of the garlic paste, and still it tasted of….nothing. It was just…tofu. But tofu with absolutely no flavourings or spices or sauces or marinades and I also have a nasty feeling that it wasn’t properly drained or prepared before the tofu was cooked with the breadcrumbs.

We took one bite and couldn’t stomach any more. Trust me, I tried so hard to eat as much as possible so as not to waste any food and to also give it a proper try. But it was just not to be. Which was really disappointing because it looked really yummy and it did smell great coming out of the oven. But it really was like chewing paper mache: soggy, tasteless mush. And while I am no where near a master Tofu Cooker, even I know that tofu needs some sort of seasoning to taste of anything, so I don’t kn ow how (or why) these kievs had zero done to them.

Overall: 1/10. They look nice in the packet and the logo is quite cute. Other than that, only eat these if you like the taste of mushy books.

T xxx 

2 thoughts on “The Vegan Factor Garlic Kievs

  1. Love these, they are the closest thing to chicken kievs I’ve ever tasted, the only downside is that they don’t come with other fillings like the other kievs do, for me these are easily 9/10


    1. It’s so interesting! I’ve heard from others that these are either you love them or hate them. Do you have any tips on how bets to have these?


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