This Isn’t Bacon


I have seen so many rave reviews about this range of products that I decided to give the bacon a proper try. Now I have never been a fan of bacon – even when I did eat meat – so I never have really tried to find any vegan alternatives to eat. But it was a long week last week and after a very hot and busy day of socialising, we fancied a truly decadent burger.


So this is how it looks once it has been cooked. I grilled this for about 5 minutes and really I still couldn’t quite tell if it was done. The way it is sliced is that it is an uneven thickness throughout so the super thin parts got really crispy and ‘bacon-y’ while the thicker parts sort of stayed the same but were a bit more gamey when you bit into it.

I tried one slice and it was…strange. It definitely tasted how I remember bacon tasting (so…salty?) but the texture was definitely not meaty. So again, take from that what you will. Personally, I actually prefered the texture for not being super crispy and ‘life like’ but to each their own.

As I said, we added the bacon to these meatfree burgers and they were definitely a really nice addition to the burger as a whole. As I said, I was never a fan of bacon, so while the bacon slices on their own tasted pretty nice, I would definitely only buy these again to add to meals. For £3.50 a packet, that seems a bit much just for a bacon butty, but would definitely be a nice little accompaniment to a carbonara or burger or maybe even mac and cheese.

Overall: 7/10. It is a really good contender, but personally I’m not overly sold on bacon and bacon flavoured things, so will most likely only buy these as a once and a while special rather than as a weekly staple.

T xxx


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