Plant Chef meatfree burgers

Another weekend, another new meal!

The weather here in England has been BEAUTIFUL and so we took this opportunity to have some socially distanced visits with our family outside in their gardens. The downside is, I am now as red as a lobster, but the upside is that I needed a really filling and hearty meal to help me recover from the 5 mile walk that it took to see everyone!


So these burgers are basically what they say on the front: Meatfree burgers. Now these things were meaty, in that they were really thick and juicy and you quite literally had to sink your teeth into them. That being said, they are definitely not a meaty texture in the sense of they don’t actually have the same texture as meat. I quite like this, but just something to be aware of if you this is one of your ways of deciding whether to try a new vegan product.

The best way to put it, is that if you have tried the Plant Kitchen Meatballs, these burgers are the exact same but in a burger form rather than a meatball.


These things fried up really quickly: The instructions say it should take about 12-15 minutes but when we cooked them they were done in about 10, and even then that was me leaving them longer than necessary to get a little bit charred on the outside. They did taste nice, but as I’ve said before that is because they are basically the meatballs but in burger form. So if you like the meatballs then you will like these, and vice versa.

Overall: 6/10. These are…ok. They are nice burgers but they aren’t anything overly special. If given the option, I would still opt for one of the Linda McCartney burgers. But if you are wanting a burger that would work really well on a BBQ, then these are probably one of the better options.

T xxx

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