Plant Kitchen No Chic’n Nuggets


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…M&S are KILLING IT at the moment with their vegan alternatives to your basic comfort foods. These nuggets, we bought on a whim, and they are definitely the best ones that I have tried (so far!).


As you can see, these super flaky. They have the same texture as meat nuggets (or at least so far as I can tell!) but they definitely do not taste like meat. The outside is lovely and crisp and they taste exactly how you would want them to.

Now with all of these fast food alternatives, they are not the most filing of things. I had 4 (they come in a packet of 8) and honestly, I don’t even think 8 would have really hit the spot. So these are great as an accompaniment but not really enough to be a proper meal of it’s own. I realise that most people probably don’t view nuggies as a full meal, but my chubby butt usually does!

Overall: 7/10. Not much to say about them. These are a really good alternative to nuggies and….that’s sort of it.

T xxx

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