Chicago Town BBQ Jackfruit pizza

Step aside every other pizza that has ever existed….I give you the King.

Now I am not usually the biggest fan of BBQ because I find that the spice always overpowers the sweet and it just tastes a bit…funky. But I saw this one on my grocery shop and decided that I would give it a go. I haven’t had stuffed crust anything before and wanted to see what all of the fuss was about, as well as seeing how this BBQ pizza was compared to the others. Plus, it was only £2.50 so even if it was awful I wouldn’t feel too bad about wasting my money.

And boy did this pizza deliver!


Now do not be fooled, it may look small on the plate but this was DELICIOUS. The BBQ was a really nice balance of sweet and spicy, the veggies were yummy and the jackfruit chunks were a really meaty texture, so that when you took a big bite all of the flavours complimented each other in what I can only describe as the Best Pizza Ever.


Look at that stuffed crust….*chef’s kiss*. Beautiful.

And the pizza itself was actually really satisfying. I managed to eat all of it save for a tiny bit of crust, and I felt very comfortably full. When I first saw this come out of the oven I genuinely thought I’d get about four mouthfuls in and have to have a lie down, but this pizza was not heavy or greasy or overly sickening at all. All joking aside I could have very happily had another one (less the stuffed crust) and still not have felt even slightly guilty.

My only issue is that honestly the stuffed crust seemed a bit unnecessary. I would have very much preferred if the pizza had just been bigger and they removed the stuffed crust, as the actual pizza was (as I have said before) DELICIOUS and the stuffed crust was just…well…bread with BBQ sauce in it. That being said it was very yummy to try and I can definitely see why people love a stuffed crust so much. But I am one of those weirdos who prefers the pizza to the crust, so to each their own I suppose!

Overall: 9/10. LOVED this pizza. My new favourite. And for £2.50 I think I have definitely hit the Vegan Jackpot!

T xxx

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