Sweetpea Pantry Brownie mix

Now I don’t know if I am just being dumb, but I always thought that brownies were automatically chocolate. Are they not? Have I been lied to? Someone help!


With lockdown easing and being back at work, spending a lot of time baking in the kitchen is no longer that inviting a pastime. So I thought I would try these Sweetpea Pantry brownie mix. We wanted something sweet to snack on, and all of the healthy ingredients on the front of the box could convince us that we were, actually, having a healthy snack rather than a slab of brownie.


So the good thing about this mix is that it was insanely quick to prepare and cook. All in all, I think these took maybe 20 minutes to be ready? 5 mins to mix everything in a bowl and then roughly 10-15 mins cooking. Now if you want gooey brownies, you only cook them for the least amount of time suggested, but as we like ours to be a bit more cakey we went for 15mins. They also rose really well and look very much how you would expect brownies to look.


The downside….THESE ARE NOT BROWNIES. There is absolutely NO chocolate in this. Whatsoever. So I felt very cheated. Now it did taste sweet, but for the life of me I have no idea what actually made it sweet. It tasted….odd. It tasted like the type of healthy fitness brownie you might find at a really posh gym, where they say it’s made from all natural sources and only contains 15 calories per slab. You know the type I mean. So I can’t decide if they are nice or not. You bite into it expecting chocolate and instead you get this odd sweet vegetable taste…like sweet potato almost. But I repeat…NO CHOCOLATE.

Honestly I don’t even know if they can call themselves brownies.

Overall: 3/10. Will not be trying these again. If you like sweet things that don’t actually contain any sweetness, then highly recommend these. But if you are like me, and believe that brownies should have chocolate in them and anything else is a cruel trick, then steer clear!

T xxx

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