Linda McCartney Fried Chicken Bucket

I am a big Linda McCartney fan. Almost all of my favourite meals include her vegan food in some way, so I am always very excited when I spot a new range from her.

In the UK, lock down has pretty much ended, with pubs, restaurants and shops all reopening from the beginning of this week. I am also back at work and life is very slowly returning to normality once again. Which therefore means that our Lockdown Date Night is no more. SO instead, we have decided on a new take away night where we are trying to veggie-fy our favourite takeaways. Which includes….KFC.

Now I don’t think I have ever had a KFC, but for Henry this was one of his favourites. So we were both pretty excited when we saw this new chicken bucket on sale at our local Tesco.


The bucket cost £5, and when combined with some home made chips (or even frozen chips as we did) the entire meal works out way cheaper than it would have done had we actually ordered a take away. The bucket came with 8 fillets and 8 popcorn bites, and even though the pieces aren’t that big they are very filling and I found that 4 of each was more than enough for me. I actually finished my meal feeling contently full, without that horrible greasy full that usually comes with some takeaways.


These were SO GOOD. As I said, £5 may seem quite expensive but as a once a week treat for two people it is actually a bargain! They also taste like KFC chicken pieces. Or so I am told anyway. These definitely made me do a double take because they look, taste and feel like how I remember chicken being, so take from that what you will. I don’t mind too much if my ‘meat’ is a very close match to actual meat, and these tasted so good that I feel anyone would be hard pushed to tell the difference. The only downside was that they were a little bit dry, but no where near as bad as the KFC vegan option was and nothing that a little bit of ketchup or vegan mayo couldn’t fix!

Overall: 8/10. A very good alternative to a meaty takeaway, but probably not the most cost effective if you are wanting to have these on a more regular basis during the week.

T xxx

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