What’s in my make up bag

As much as I wish I could be, I am not a big make up wearer. I love watching make up videos and seeing the amazing things that some people can do with their make up, but in reality I would never be able to wear those looks. I work in the legal industry and so they can have very old fashioned views of what a lawyer should look like – and having stunning eye shadow colour combinations are a big no no. So, rather than review every item in my make up, I thought it would be easier just to tell you what I wear on a daily basis.


Barry M Full coverage foundation

BarryM Lash Vegas mascara

BarryM setting powder

BarryM all night long concealer

B by Superdrug lipstick in shade rose quartz

As you can tell, I am a big fan of BarryM…I used to use the B products a lot but since the rebranding the make up is way more specialist. I still love their lipsticks, but B now do such a huge range of contour kits, bases, balancing serums – and a whole lot of other products that I do not need or would ever use on a daily basis.

What make up do you guys wear? Let me know if you have any good suggestions as I always want to try new products.

T xxx

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