Free From Kitchen: Salted caramel chocolate

During lockdown I have been trying my best to really focus on my health and fitness. from eating a lot more plant based meals (so not eating as many processed alternatives and cooking more home cooked meals) and working out every day. So far, it has gone pretty well, and I have gone down at least a dress size!

But this week I needed a pick me up. The weather is beautiful and would usually be the perfect weather for picnics in the park with friends and family. I was able to have a socially distanced picnic with my parents, but I don’t think any of us will be truly happy until we can hug each other properly again. So, in place of a warm hug from my parents, I decided to go for a warm hug of the chocolate kind.


Now I am not usually a salted caramel fan: I am not a savoury person AT ALL, so salt in chocolate to me has always been a bit gross. But since Henry loves it I decided to give this a go and worst case, if it sucks, he will happily eat this.


But jokes on him! Because this stuff is absolutely lovely! I usually find that the ratio of salt, caramel and chocolate is hugely disproportionate: One bite is nothing by chocolate, the next is nothing but salt and the next is nothing by caramel, and sometimes you get nothing but a big ol’ disjointed mess of flavours that is just too weird to comprehend. But this stuff…my god this stuff is good! I am still not a massive fan of salt in chocolate, but luckily the salt is very mild so you only get a slight taste when eating. It tastes predominately of lovely, creamy chocolate, with the occasional little after taste of salt and caramel.

Only downside, is that it does come – literally – as a slab of chocolate. So on one hand YAY big slab of chocolate, but on the other hand it can be very hard to tell just how much you are eating. If you weren’t paying attention you could easily eat the entire slab in one go and not even realise it! The chocolate is super more-ish too so it does make it even harder to know when enough is enough.

Overall: 6/10. For me, personally, it was a really good chocolate to try. But salted chocolate is also not my go to option. But if you are a fan of more savoury chocolates, then this stuff was very yummy and is definitely a really good option if you want something a bit more decedent from the supermarkets. The Free From Kitchen do have other chocolates available though so watch this space – I shall definitely be making my way through those treats!

T xxx

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