Plant Kitchen Sweet Potato Katsu Curry

Well I messed this up ROYALLY!


So we have had a very busy week and with the weather being what it has been this entire week, we decided to just head out and grab ourselves a ready meal. So far so good. We don’t actually own a microwave and for the most part have never ever needed one. But we double checked all of the instructions to be sure that we could cook everything in the oven. We were both happy so we came home ready for a nice easy meal that we didn’t actually have to cook.

Got home, read the instructions again – still all good. Shoved it into the oven for 10 minutes and when I opened it up to turn it all around and check on the progress, I was met with this….


The plastic container had melted.

Luckily, the sweet potato chunks that were included had to be cooked on a separate tray with the rice and sauce to be cooked in the plastic container. TURNS OUT….only the sweet potato was to be put into the oven. The rest was meant to be microwaved.

Unimpressed GIFs | Tenor

To be on the safe side, I just threw the katsu part away and made myself some butter pasta to go with my sweet potato chunks. The sweet potato chunks were really nice and had a lovely crispy panko covering on it, but as it was only 4 pieces it was not really a meal by any standards. If only it had some sort of sauce – a katsu sauce maybe? – to go with it, then it would have been really something!

So not only did I not actually end up eating half of the meal, I also realised that despite my many years of practice – I CANNOT READ PROPERLY.

PSA: Check the instructions! Always. If in doubt, get another 2 or 17 people to check the instructions for you. 

Overall: Epic fail. And as I don’t have a microwave, I may never get to fully enjoy this meal. Now, if anyone needs me, I’ll be in my room eating biscoff spread straight from the jar and contemplating my life.

T xxx

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