Plant Kitchen chorizo puppies

Restrictions in the UK are now starting to ease, I decided to venture out into the normal world and go to M&S. My local store has been open throughout the lockdown but as it is located in the middle of the town centre, I haven’t been brave enough to venture into town until this weekend.


So when they say ‘puppies’ I believe that it is because they look like tiny hot dogs. If that is not the reason, then it should be because I felt very clever making that connection!

I have never tried chorizo, not even when I did eat meat. However my partner, who is has been using the lockdown to transition to a vegetarian diet (WHOOP WHOOP!!), is a HUGE chorizo fan so was very excited to try these. They come in a pack of 8 so will last u at least two meals this week.


So having never had chorizo before, I sort of expected them to be spicy. As I thought that was what chorizo was like. These definitely had a slight kick to them but it wasn’t too overpowering and was actually very yummy! The other surprise for me was how sausage like they were. When I saw puppies, I had sort of expected them to be like frankfurter-type hot dog sausages (where they’re quite floppy and light) but these were proper ‘meaty’. They are small sausages but they are very filling and were definitely compact. So the texture was very similar to that of a sausage than that of a hot dog. My partner did confirm however that the taste was uncanny – if you didn’t know that these were vegan you wouldn’t have known any different.

Next time however, we are going to try them on pizza. As a sausage these were good, but we think if we were to cut them up into slices and place them on our pizza then these would be a must have in our fridge. Especially if you are still transitioning to a vegan lifestyle or just wanting to cut down on meat consumption, these little puppies could make that process so much easier.

Overall: 7/10. Will come back to you once we have tried it on pizza and let you know the final verdict!

T xxx

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