Style Expertise heat protecting spray

I have very thick, very curly hair. However I use the term curly loosely because it actually just means (for me anyway) super duper frizzy wavy hair. Think Hermione Granger in the philosopher’s stone, except as I have aged my hair has gotten even bigger. Over the years I have found that my hair is way more easier for me to maintain when I straighten it. When I was in secondary school, I was straightening my hair probably every couple of days, but now a days I only straighten my hair maybe once or twice a week depending on a) how often I have had to wash my hair and b) how bothered I can be to actually straighten my hair. Spoiler alert: I am way more into embracing my curls so sometimes can go a good few weeks without wanting to properly dry and style my hair.

Because my hair is dyed and it is usually quite dry, I always make sure to use the proper heat protection whenever I do dry or style my hair. And despite my best efforts I have only been able to find one heat protection spray readily available on the high street that doesn’t cost me a months’ wages.


So far as heat protection goes, this stuff is very good. I spray it on my damp hair and brush it through before I start styling. It is very light so doesn’t leave any oily feel to my hair once it is dry and also doesn’t dilute my colouring. It is also £3 for a big bottle and this bottle will last me at least 5-6 months, and that’s not even me being sparing with it. As with all Superdrug products, it is also clearly labelled as vegan and vegetarian friendly and so takes a lot of the guess work out when hunting for a product.

However, it smells terrible. It smells very strongly of chemicals when first sprayed onto your hair and, if you have your mouth open for whatever reason when you start spraying it around your head, tastes absolutely vile too. But that was kind of a given. Now the smell doesn’t linger once my hair is dry, however my partner has noticed that there is indeed a slight smell of burnt chemicals in the room once I have finished my hair. As I have mentioned, I cannot find any other alternative to this that is affordable and vegan and readily available, so this is obviously better than nothing. However I am searching desperately for something better so please, if you know of one, hit me up!

Overall: 3/10. It’s better than nothing, but it is not ideal. If any of you have an alternative, please let me know! I am slowly going insane trying to find any sort of replacement.

T xxx

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