No Bull cottage pie

Iceland’s vegan range was another welcome addition to the supermarkets. Their entire collection includes No Chick nuggets, No Bull burgers and mince, and No Duck spring rolls, although they are bringing out new additions to their collection each season it would seem.

With the UK still in lockdown, my partner and I have been trying to find suitable ready meals that we can keep on hand in the freezer throughout the week so that we don’t have to go out to the shops more often. At the moment I go once a week, and usually manage to grab us enough fresh fruit and veg and cooking ingredients for the week ahead. But there are some days where cooking just isn’t worth the hassle and we therefore have turned to ready meals just to help us through.


These were…well…a ready meal. Honestly I don’t know why I expected anything different. It definitely tastes like a ready meal – where everything has that sort of flavour that isn’t actually a flavour to them – so if you have ever had a ready meal then you know what they flavour is.


The meal was also 90% mashed potato so, while the potato was pretty good for mashed potato standards and had a good crispy topping that gave it a nice crunch, it wasn’t really a cottage pie. The filling (or the small amount that I managed to taste) was ok and gave that ‘cottage pie’ subtle taste, but then again it is a ready meal so I’m not expecting amazing results.

Overall: 5/10. It’s a ready meal and doesn’t actually taste of anything really. It was good to try, but honestly I think I’d have been happier just getting off my butt and cooking my own!

T xxx

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