Ben and Jerry’s Vegan: Cookies on Cookie Dough

One of the things that I have missed since turning vegan has been Ben and Jerry’s. Do not get me wrong, the vegan ice cream out there is really good but they are not the most exciting: You usually just have vanilla, or chocolate, or various types of sorbet. One of my favourite things in the world was the Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream and I still hold out hope that one day an alternative to this will appear for me.

As with the majority of vegans, a collective cheer was heard when Ben and Jerry announced that they would do vegan alternatives for some of their ice cream flavours. So far they have done 5 flavours (at least here in the UK) which are: Chunky monkey, chocolate fudge brownie, peanut butter and cookie dough, cookies on cookie dough and coconutterly caramel. All in all, a very good start!


FINALLY an ice cream that contains more than just ice cream in it!

All in all there is very little to say about this. If you liked the original cookie dough ice cream from B&J then you will like this. It tastes exactly the same – to the point that even my omni boyfriend couldn’t tell the difference.



The only big difference with this ice cream is the price. Each tub costs around £5.50 (at least it is this price in Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, etc) which seems pricey considering the dairy versions are usually about £2.50. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE?!

Due to the price, it can be hard to justify this on a regular basis. The only reason we even got this tub was because it was part of a deal at Papa John’s when we ordered our date night take away. I also found it interesting just how sugary sweet and sickly this ice cream was. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as I have a terrible sweet tooth – but I could only manage a few spoons of this before I felt myself going into some sort of sugar shock. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to the plainer vegan versions or maybe it’s because I’m British and the chance for ice cream is usually reserved for four hours in July when our summer occurs. Either way, it was a shock.

The only other issue with this ice cream is that I am really not the biggest fan of vanilla. I have tried the chocolate brownie ice cream before and could have eaten the whole tub on my own in one sitting and still have wanted more. But because this is predominantly vanilla with a load of cookie dough pieces, it just wasn’t my ultimate choice.

Overall: 5/10. If you are a fan of the original and of vanilla, then go for it. But personally, this would not be my go to flavour. 

T xxx

2 thoughts on “Ben and Jerry’s Vegan: Cookies on Cookie Dough

  1. In NZ we have a Ben and Jerrys Cinnamon Bun flavour and coconut seven-layer in the dairy-free range and they are amazing!! I found them to be so much tastier than the cookie dough and brownie flavours. If you can get your hands on them they are so worth. But at $13 a tub its defo a treat.


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