Superdrug Naturally Radiant night cream

Sorting out a good skin care routine is very important but also very long winded and hard to find exactly what works for you. I will admit, I am not a big make up person: I wear the basics for work but am not one for full faces of make up or big bold looks. Mostly because of the industry I work in which doesn’t take too kindly for any sort of self-expression. I therefore do not need anything heavy duty on my face, as I rarely have any heavy make up on.

I tend to have very dry skin, especially during the winter months when it is very cold and dry in England. But I am also quite prone to breakouts so I can’t have anything too oil heavy or my skin just flares up. Naturally, it has been quite hard to find something that is the best of both worlds: Super hydrating without being heavy on top of my skin.

Superdrug, yet again, coming in strong! Their Naturally Radiant range has been great for me, as the products do as they should without being too harsh or heavy in their ingredients. Their Night cream has also been a game changer.


I put it on after I have washed and cleansed my face, I put this on and then I am done. It is super creamy, and goes on light and it soaks into my skin quite quickly. I usually put it on, brush my teeth and brush my hair and my face is dry again by the time I get into bed. When I wake in the morning it is soft and hydrated and I find that when I put my make up on it goes on smoother and blends better than if I do not use the cream the night before. I also find that my skin is better, and I am not so prone to breakouts if I use this on a regular basis.

Also, not to say that it keeps me young, but I definitely think it has done wonders for any wrinkles or bags under my eyes. I am 27 (so not really that old) but I am continuously mistaken for being far younger than that – I am still ID’s when I buy alcohol or a game that is 18+. So make of that what you will…

I have the 75ml tub and it has lasted me just over 6 months and I still have a fair amount left. It is usually priced at £6.99, although it does seem to be on sale on a regular basis: I picked up my one for £3.50, but that was a happy coincidence. For how good this product has been for me, I am still surprised that it is as cheap as it is – I have previously used products that were far more expensive for far smaller a tub that didn’t work as well as this night cream has.

Overall: 10/10. For me anyway…obviously every face is different but if you are looking for something gentle on your skin to test out, this is a cheap but effective product that I would highly recommend. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, then at least you haven’t spent big money on it!

T xxx

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