Tesco Orange Dark Chocolate bar

UPDATE: Tesco have now since changed the recipe and have added milk powder to the chocolate. I will never understand how a brand can take something so good, and then ruin it for no reason! I unfortunately learnt too late and now my partner has two bars of this stuff to eat through. Stupid Tesco, ruining their vegan products



The hunt for good vegan chocolate seems to be never ending. It seems that everyone has their own preference as to what deems a chocolate bar ‘good’, as it seems us vegans are very picky about what chocolate we approve of. I, personally, am a huge fan of NOMO bars, but I know some friends who literally gag at the taste of these. Vegan chocolate is a subjective matter and a total minefield to navigate if you are just starting on your journey.

The bad news is that finding your favourite chocolate will involve a lot of trial and error. But the good news is that I, being the Fairy Vegan Mother that I am, have tried so many that I can take out a lot of the guess work for you. So to begin, I give you the Tesco dark chocolate range.


The Tesco Dark chocolate range are, for the most part, accidentally vegan. Obviously, always check the ingredients just to be sure, but the majority are good to go. And my favourite of these, is the Zesty Orange. I used to love a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and it has been very hard to find a vegan alternative. That is, until Tesco came along to save the day!


This chocolate is creamy, moreish and – above all else – tastes like orange! It comes in a pretty decent sized bar and only costs £1. I find that one of these bars will last me about a week and a bit, but I do crumble up the chocolate to put into my breakfast oats or into smoothie bowls for an extra little sweetness. It also melts really well and I have used it to cover my pancakes or in home baking, and it gives everything a chocolate orange taste without being sickly or overpowering. Obviously there is not much more I can say about this – it’s chocolate, it tastes like orange and it’s vegan. Perfect!

Tesco do have quite a big range of dark chocolates and I shall slowly make my way through it all! The things I do for this blog….

Overall: 8/10. If you are looking for a Terry’s Chocolate orange substitute, then look no further!

T xxx

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