Plant Kitchen No Duck Spring Rolls

At this point I am fairly certain that I have eaten all of the Plant Kitchen items available from M&S. Although once lock-down is lifted, my hope is that a whole new range will come in that I may test out!

IMG_20200426_134953 (1)

Now I used to love duck spring rolls when I was younger and when I went vegetarian they were probably the only food that I actually missed. A bit of crispy duck with some hoisin sauce and spring greens….*mouth watering*. Obviously the life of that duck is worth so much more than my taste buds, but my White Whale of veganism has been trying to find an alternative for these duck rolls. So I was very excited when I found these, especially considering how consistently good the M&S range has been.

IMG_20200426_141011 (1)

Each packet comes with 6 spring rolls so a decent side dish if you were to do a full spread. I just had these for lunch one day so truth be told probably not the greatest meal that I have ever come up with. But 6 was actually rather filling and I found that I wasn’t hungry after finishing and felt pretty satisfied.

Taste wise, these do taste really nice. The roll is nice and crispy, the inside was lovely and ‘duck like’ and it did taste really nice. My only downside to them is that they didn’t taste overly duck-like, but that may be perhaps there wasn’t as much sauce in them as I had been expecting. If I get these again I would probably have a little dipping sauce on hand to give it a bit more of that hoisin flavour. I could also tell that the soya chunks were indeed soya chunks, which I do not mind but perhaps if you are at the beginning of your vegan journey this may be a strange texture for you.

IMG_20200426_141123 (1)

Overall: 6/10. Very nice as a side, but more sauce would be nice to give it that real ‘duck and hoisin’ flavour.

T xxx

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