Naturtint Honey Blonde hair dye

I have naturally quite dark blonde hair, and during the winter months it could even be described as ‘light brown’. But in summer, it does tend to lighten up and goes to a mousy brown/dirty blonde colour. Now I have died my hair a few times before and out of those few times I have only ever had it go well once. This had also been when I was a teenager/poor university student and so couldn’t really justify the prices to get a professional to properly colour my hair.

So with lock down in the UK not going anywhere for at least the next three weeks, I thought I would try my hand at some vegan hair dyes. My thought process being that if it goes horribly wrong and I end up with streaky, bright orange hair, then I don’t really care: I’m not seeing anyone other than my partner and my hair grows so quickly I should be able to grow the majority of it out by the time lock down is lifted.


I tried this one, as in the past I usually only want to go one shade lighter than my hair is at that time and it also makes it look a bit more natural. As I said, in the summer my hair does also tend to lighten anyway so I don’t want to go too light and end up platinum by the time September rolls around! The Naturtint range had a lot of good reviews online and was the one vegan brand that came up consistently as vegan friendly, good value for money and was easy to obtain from your high street places.

So…here is what my hair looked like beforehand:

IMG_20200425_134745Please ignore the frizz (the English humidity is tough!)

I have pretty thick hair that is chest length (i.e my hair is long and so goes down to about mid-chest) but the whole bottle of colourant was more than enough for me to do my whole head. It also didn’t smell, of anything really. It didn’t have any overpowering ammonia smells and left my hair smelling like hair should. It was easy to apply, went on well and washed out easily. It also left my hair feeling very hydrated, as though I’d been wearing a hair mask, and my hair was definitely shinier and smoother after the colouring.

IMG_20200425_151417My hair after: It is lighter and while there are a few copper tones, it is only noticeable in certain lights and only in some places towards the back of my head where I probably didn’t apply as evenly as I thought….

My hair is now lighter, however when the light hits it in some places it is definitely a bit more copper than it is blonde. However it has left my hair so soft and shiny that I don’t mind too much if the colour was a bit of a miss. I do like the colour and it has given my hair a slight more light to it. I also find that hair dye takes a few washes to really set, so I may have to update you guys in a few weeks once the colour has had time to settle and I have done a few more of the conditioner treatments for the colour. The hair dye also hasn’t left my hair with any horrible chemical smell to it either, so I was able to dry it and style it as normal and no one would be none the wiser that my hair colour is not naturally obtained.

Overall: 7/10. This colour has come out slightly more copper than I would have thought however I appreciate that it may have just been me and my inexperience in hair dye. I am very impressed by the Natrutint brand though and will probably be trying a few more of their colours moving forward to see if all of their colours are the same as this one.

Have you guys dyed your hair before? What brands did you use and what did you find works the best? Let me know as I can better educate myself on the options available.

EDIT: 01/05/2020 – I have since this post washed my hair again and the colour is perfect! I think that the copper colour may be because of my bathroom lights, as my hair is definitely a lovely golden colour everywhere else apart from my bathroom….I carried a mirror around the house with me and even stood outside for a bit to double check! Hair still feels very healthy and rich and the colour looks lovely.

T xxx

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