Plant Chef Tomato and Basil soup

Tesco are really hitting the mark with their Plant Chef range! Following on from my previous tests of the sweet potato and coconut soup, I decided to give the basic tomato soup a try.

In my experience almost all plain tomato soups either contain milk (thanks Heinz!) and the vegan alternatives always end up adding chili or another spice to it to give it a kick and to make it more fancy than it needs to be. Sometimes all you want is a nice hearty bowl of basic tomato soup…especially here in England when it is cold and rainy 364 days of the year!


FINALLY SALVATION! After so many years of searching, I have found it.

There isn’t much to say about this but for the first time, I have actually managed to find a plain, basic, tomato and basil soup. It tastes exactly how you would expect, is very hearty and comforting and is also pretty filling. Other than that…it’s just soup.

This soup with a bit of buttered toast…*chefs kiss*.


Now this is one of those staples that is always handy to have in your pantry. It is just a basic soup though so probably not the most….extravagant of meals. But it is tasty and if you just want something simple as a meal or a snack, then this is one of the best that I’ve found. No extra spices, no fanciness to it. Just tomato soup. In a tin. That you heat up and eat.

Overall: As a meal itself, 5/10 – It’s nothing special and tastes exactly how tomato soup should. There’s not really much to it. But as something that is cheap, easy to find, and will last for ages in your pantry, then 10/10. It is definitely something good to have in reserve for those cold winter nights.

T xxx

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