Two ingredient vegan pancakes

Another week of lock down and another vegan recipe for you! Now that we are getting used to this new way of living and are finding our new lock down routine, I decided to treat us to a proper fancy breakfast. And by fancy I mean pancakes. Usually this is a meal that is reserved for special occasions or Pancake Day, so for me this is posh posh posh.

My recipe made about 8 big pancakes (4 for two people then) but you could make more if you have slightly smaller pancakes.


You will need:

  • 600ml of milk
  • 2 cups of plain flour.

Blend that all up into a thick batter that runs smooth. Depending on what milk you are using, you may need more or less flour. I was using soya, but when I have used milks such as almond or coconut I tend to need more flour to thicken the batter up a bit more. I find it is better to add the flour gradually until you get the required consistency.


Add a small drop of oil to a pan and let that heat up for about 30 seconds. Then pour some of the batter into the pan. It should start to fry and little air bubbles with appear throughout the pancake. The outside will then turn a slight golden colour, and you should find that when you move the pancake around there is no loose batter moving at the top. Time to flip!



Each side should take about 30-45 seconds to cook, but make sure to check. Once it is done, put it on a plate and pour another pancake. Repeat this process until you have all of your pancakes made!

For decoration, I had Lotus Biscoff spread and some banana. A nice little trick….when you put a fresh pancake onto the plate and you’re waiting for a new one to cook in the pan, add a thin layer of your topping (so for me this was Biscoff spread across the pancake). The heat of the pancake should melt the topping and make it easier to spread, and it also means that as you pile each pancake up you get the same taste throughout.


Let me know how you guys all get on with your pancakes and send me pictures! I’d love to see how yours all turned out and what awesome toppings you guys all went with.

T xxx

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