Richmond Meat free sausages

Richmond sausages are most well known for being the best of meat sausages – usually pork. I remember most of my childhood being made up of these sausages, with baked bean and mashed potatoes. Even today that is still my ideal dinner.

But these sausages taste exactly how I remember Richmond sausages tasting. I even tested them on my parents and they – two very big meat eaters – could not tell the difference. They taste the same, they look the same and they have the exact same texture when you bite into them. They are also make the perfect sausage bap!


The only way you can tell that these are definitely not meat is how they look uncooked. They are…odd. They are almost doughy…like a really wet sticky dough. They are super sticky in the packet so they do get a little bit misshaped as you try and pull them apart from each other, but as soon as they hit heat they somehow transform into sausages. It’s witchcraft and I am all for it!


These sausages are now a staple in our household. Obviously if you do not like the taste of meat or the texture of it then you may not like these, but since I live with a partner who is currently in the process of transitioning to a vegetarian/vegan diet, these little beauties make the entire process so much easier and smoother. Plus, they taste amazing!

Overall: 10/10. Best sausages.

T xxx

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