Wicked Spiced Meatballs

The supermarkets are now starting to return to normal here in England, at least near me anyway. The shelves are now pretty much stocked full again and with that comes back the Wicked range, which I believe is a Tesco exclusive. I had wanted to pick some up before the lock down, as they have been on my list of foods to try for a while now, but have only now been able to pick a packet up.


These are…odd. They do taste nice, but they have a texture that is very similar to meat meatballs. At least how I remember them. If you want your fake meat to taste like meat, then the Wicked alternatives are a really good alternative as all of them have a similar taste and texture as meat does. Personally, I always find this a bit off putting, but I push through that to actually just enjoy how far vegan meat alternatives have come over these past few years! They do have a little spicy kick to them, but it is not overpowering and doesn’t burn your mouth off, which is always a plus.


We had it with the traditional pasta and spaghetti sauce and they were very very good. The only issue is that a packet costs £3 (somewhat pricey) and contains 12 meatballs. My partner and I cooked up 6, so we had 3 meatballs each and would then have enough for two meals from the one packet. Honestly 3 meatballs wasn’t quite enough but they are so big that another one would probably have been too much!

It’s all too much sometimes.

Overall: 8/10. A really good option, but they are also quite pricey. If you can afford to have this as one huge meal, then definitely do so! Otherwise, maybe keep these as a little treat.

T xxx

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