Plant Kitchen sausage rolls

Oh boy….where to even begin.

With the closing of all stores that are not deemed to be essential, this has meant that the Holy Land which is Gregg’s has closed (Whoever thought that Gregg’s was not essential to everyday life has clearly not been loved right, but I digress). In order to try and calm myself over this scary process and to try and keep some normality I picked up these sausage rolls from M&S when out to grab some top up food last week. I thought that would help ease the pain of not being able to eat another Gregg’s sausage roll for…well…for a while.


M&S have been consistently really good with what they have brought out in their Plant Kitchen range, but being the realist that I am I sort of expected for at least one major food flop to happen. And boy did we find it.

These sausage rolls are advertised as being yummy hot or cold. And…they were not. They come as a pack of 2, so I had one cold (pictured) to begin with. Words cannot describe how dry these things were and yet were also weirdly moist. You know when you eat something and it just clings to every part of your mouth? This is them. I take a bite and then spend the next ten minutes trying to pry the pastry off of the roof of my mouth and tidying up the flurry of crumbs that showered down my top.

Taste wise it was alright. It tasted like a sausage roll. But with how dry it was it did take a lot away from it and for now I would not be quick to buy another one.

I shall have to try one hot to see if it makes it any better, but in past experiences heat usually just makes a dry product turn to dust in the oven as it dries it out even more. But we will see. I shall have to report back with further findings!

Overall: 3/10. Cold is definitely a no-go!

T xxx

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