B by Superdrug: Micellar water

Looking after your skin should always be a priority and with so much time at home I am currently looking to switch up my routine a bit. Spending more time inside means that my skin is not constantly being battered by icy winds or tons of sunshine, and as I am not going anywhere I have not worn make up in…well…3 days. Which does not seem like a lot but as I usually wear make up even at the weekends, my skin has craved this time off.

My go to beauty brand is B by Superdrug. Not only is everything cruelty free and vegan friendly (as are all of Superdrug’s own brand products!) but they are also really affordable and still really good quality.

Now I wash my face every night in the shower, but there’s only much scrubbing I can do before I genuinely start to take off layers of my skin. Which is where this magic comes in: B. Pure Micellar Water. I use this to cleanse my face before putting on my moisturiser, and my skin just feels so much softer and smoother and looks way more healthy when I stick to this routine than if I just leave it to it’s own devices.

I have this exact one and have been using it for about 4 months and am only just half way through it. I use this everyday to just cleanse my face after a shower, and it baffles me how much make up survives a shower. Honestly, it makes me think that my setting powder is a little too good at its job. This stuff however takes off every bit of make up or dirt left on my face and is so gentle. I have used others that genuinely felt like a chemical peel, but this stuff is gentle on my skin, lasts forever and doesn’t smell like weird chemicals like some of the others out there do.

It also works wonders when i’m trying new stuff with make up. I cannot, for the life of me, do eyeliner. At all. I won’t even humour you with a picture of how bad it looks because I just end up colouring in my eyelid and calling it a day. But my new trick…draw eyeliner as much as I want and then use this stuff to wipe away any excess. Et voila, relatively decent eye make up! The magic is endless…

Overall: 9/10. I would be lost without this stuff. It’s cheap, it’s effective and it makes me feel like I actually have my life together whenever I use it in my routine. What more could you want?!

T xxx

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