Plant Kitchen Chocolate Cherry pots

I never thought it would be possible to experience a miracle twice, but M&S continue to just raise the bar on amazing desserts.


The Plant Kitchen cherry chocolate pot has changed my life. It is basically the same type of dessert as their previous chocolate pot, but with a lovely cherry compote on top of it rather than the ganache.


My God….how do M&S do it?!

This pot comes in a pack of two for £4, so works out the same price as the individual chocolate ganche pots. In hindsight, £2 for what is a pretty small dessert may be a bit much, but I would argue that these little pots of joy are worth every single penny! Plus, if these were to be sold in an actual restaurant you can bet they’d be about £15. So £4 for two is really a bargain, especially when you think about how expensive M&S is compared to other places.

This is just wonderful. The cherry is nice refreshing addition to the really creamy chocolate mousse, and gives it all a nice little zing of flavour. Again, I could have licked the entire container clean and it took all of my restraint not to eat the pack of two in one euphoric sitting.

I have no other words for this. It is a masterpiece. M&S…top job!

Overall: 20/10. I can’t wait to see what M&S do to try and peak this. 

T xxx

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