M&S Plant Kitchen rainbow pie

With isolation looming, I decided to branch out and grab a few meals that are able to be frozen so that – worse case scenario – I have at least one emergency meal if needed. Thankfully, the majority of the Plant Kitchen meals can be frozen, and as our M&S is a pretty big store, it was also free of any panic buyers and so very well stocked (yay!).


So this pie was….odd. It was nice – nice pastry, the veg tasted ok and it was surprisingly filling given it’s small size. It did however, not taste of much. When you take a bite it has quite a chilli kick to it, but it doesn’t last: As soon as you swallow whatever you’re chewing, all flavour disappears. So it is just a bit off.

Other than that not much more to say about it. It is definitely a ‘ready meal’ type meal, but for £3 (actually very cheap by M&S standards!) you know not to expect too much from it.

Overall: 6/10. If someone gave it to me for dinner or I wanted something quick I’d be happy with this, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to pick one up.

T xxx

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