Nakd Bars: Peanut Delight

In this very scary climate, it is important to have on hand a load of little treats. The Nakd Bars are one of my favourite go to snack bars, as they are pretty cheap and readily available in almost all shops.


They are made with dates, peanuts, natural flavours and a bit of salt. Now peanuts are always very dry and very salty, but thankfully this was lovely and fudgy in large part due to the dates. These are sweet and dense and honestly keep me going as a mid-afternoon snack.


Thankfully, there’s not much I have to say about these. They are what they say on the box, and they are a really good snack bar.

Overall: 7/10. Really good option, but as they are snack bars there’s only so much they can do. 

T xxx

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