Taylor Tries the KFC Vegan Chicken Burger

I was never a fan of KFC even when I did eat meat, so when they released the vegan burger I wasn’t overly excited. But my partner loves KFC, so we both indulged.


Oh boy…

I really don’t get why people rave about KFC. The burger was basically the vegan Quorn fillets (the kind you can buy in supermarkets) fried in their ‘signature spices’. I couldn’t even tell if it tasted nice because it was drrrryyyyyyyy. Usually those Quorn fillets are ok if you cook them correctly, but they can get really dry very quickly and very easily. Why KFC decided to have these as their stable is a bit beyond me.

It comes as standard with mayo (so is it really vegan? Discussion for another day…) but you can sub that out for ketchup. But there was not enough ketchup in the world to save this. I actually had to eat it at home just so I could get more ketchup and even then the fillet sucked all moisture from my body trying to chew that. Plus the ‘special KFC spice’ flavouring was just…meh? There wasn’t much to it and I really don’t understand why people go mental for that stuff.


KFC chips are ok though. I guess. McDonald’s chips are better but my partner tells me I’m wrong about that.

Overall: 2/10. Save your money. Or at least have a gallon of water on hand to help you chew this. 

T xxx

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