M&S Plant Kitchen mac bites

I know it may seem that I am on a M&S hype…but in all seriousness they are bringing out banger after banger with these meals! Plus they have a recurring offer of two pizzas and two sides for £10…so it would almost be rude not to buy all the bits.


These ‘mac and cheese’ bites are a pretty good alternative to the original. They are lovely and crispy on the outside, yet super soft and creamy on the inside. The issue I sometimes have with non-dairy cheeses is that they sometimes have an odd after taste, or an odd texture to them: Some have a bit of a powdery taste while others smell cheesy without any cheesy taste. These are almost the opposite.


They do not smell like mac and cheesy, like you don’t get that cheesy smell to them. But they do taste amazingly like the dairy cheeses and even have the same texture as usual cheese sauce. Because of that they are also very filling, so even just having four of them (they come in a pack of 8, so I guess I should share them) is more than enough.

My only complaint is that the crust has some additional spices to it that gives them just a slight kick. What that spice is, I don’t really know. But it’s there. Now I am a total pansy, so a tiny kick of spice is the same as dumping my head into fire. Sometimes it works but personally I don’t really enjoy it with my mac and cheese.

Overall: 7/10. A very good alternative, but sometimes a bit too fancy for my liking.

T xxx


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