M&S Tofish and chips

In an attempt to be a bit more money savvy and to attempt to be a bit more healthy, I picked up these to replace my usual Friday takeaway. These Tofish and Chips are another addition to the M&S Plant Kitchen range and at £3 are pretty good value for money.

IMG_20200208_194105Whoever thought that this amount of chips constitutes a portion needs their head looked at…

So I had to make myself some more chips because honestly, that just wasn’t going to cut it for me. But the chips were nice enough…not as crispy as I tend to have them but they were fluffy and well seasoned so…yay for the chips!

As to the fish itself….it was odd. The outside was nice and crispy and light, and the tofu didn’t taste like tofu. So it did taste nice and was actually nicer than my usual takeaway option (which to be fair was usually a TON of chips and some vegan chicken nuggets). It had the same texture of fish (at least what I could remember) and was actually really filling for only three fillets. I finished them and actually managed to finish half of the chips….so maybe their chip portion was that size for a reason…

IMG_20200208_194319Nice and fluffy and…fishy like

The only downside of these fillets is that they don’t really taste fishy. They tasted like batter and tofu…but with seasoning. Personally, I never really liked the taste of fish, and when I did use to have fish and chips, I mainly just wanted something heavy and greasy and bad for me. So these are quite a good substitute, except are probably slightly better for you. Slightly.

Overall: 7/10. So far this is the best fish and chips alternative that I’ve been able to find. Though I do think that these will be hard to beat.

T xxx

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