NoMo Chocolate Bar – Fruit and Crisp

The hunt for vegan chocolate is definitely a personal journey: There are so many available on the market these days that it can be a bit overwhelming and naturally there are some that are better than others. So I now introduce you to my personal favourite of bars: NOMO.


The name of the brand does not disappoint! The chocolate melts and tastes exactly how I remember milk chocolate being. There are some that just…it’s hard to explain but the chocolate is just too synthetic, and you can tell that it’s not ‘regular’ chocolate. But the NOMO stuff is just amazing. My favourite of them all are the fruit and crunch bars, especially for just a little bit of a pick-me-up on a tough day.

IMG_20200215_183709Ignore my chipped nail polish….

The chocolate is the standard NOMO ‘milk’ chocolate, which is creamy, chocolatey and melts in your mouth. It is then mixed with rice crispie style….crisp bits. And then a handful of raisins thrown into it. I love the mix of textures and because of the savoury bits I find the bar not too sugary sweet. Which means I can gorge on them and not end up going into sugar shock.

Overall: 8/10. Solid effort. The others in the collection are also good, so it is worth checking them all out.

T xxx

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