M&S Plant Kitchen chocolate mousse and ganache

This is it. The Holy Grail of vegan goodness. I have reached the promised land and am one of the chosen few.

Ladies and gentleman, you do not need to eat anything else ever again. Live off of these. Bathe in them. Name your children after them. Open a shrine in honour of whoever came up with this recipe.

IMG_20200211_193022I can hear the angels sing…

These chocolate pots are amazing fudgey pudding goodness. The chocolate is thick enough that it holds it shape when you dig into it, almost like ice cream. But as soon as you put it in your mouth it is the softest, most velvety texture that just melts in your mouth.

They are just the right amount of richness: A HUGE taste of chocolate, yet you just want another bite. Even as I was finishing this one, I wanted another one. They were not overly sugary or chocolatey but just a wonderful blend of heavenly goodness. They are also very light, in that even after I had licked the pot clean I didn’t feel like a gluttonous mess. Usually with junk food (vegan or not) you tend to feel this weight in your tummy that makes you just want to vegetate for a few years. I was on cloud nine. I could have danced Swan Lake and run a marathon, I felt so light.


Now as they are from M&S they have a little bit of a heftier price tag than most places. This was about £3.50 near me, although that being said I did manage to grab one discounted down to £2 (!!). Life tip: Go to M&S near closing time to see all of the food at discounted prices. Could stock up on these bad boys for half the usual price! But in all honesty, these things are worth the money. Hands down. If anything I would have expected them to be more expensive for the quality, so £3 was actually a bargain for me!

Overall: 20/10. Nothing can beat these. If anything does though, hit me up. I would need to witness this miracle first hand!

T xxx



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