Sainsbury’s Love Beauty and Planet body lotion

This year, one of my resolutions was to take a bit more care with my body – both inside and out. I’ve started cooking more fresh meals and using plant based recipes (despite what this blog suggests, I eat out now maybe once a week…unless it’s been a tough week in which case I may need a doughnut or two!) and have also started to try implementing a real skin care routine.

Now obviously the best stuff that all the beauty gurus rave about are either a) expensive or b) not vegan friendly. So I was very excited with Sainsbury’s Love Beauty and Planet range of beauty products. Price wise, they are slightly more expensive than you would expect (ranges from between £4-£10) from a grocery store but it is still cheaper than some of the other high street alternatives.

IMG_20200128_184553Thankfully, the whole range is clearly labelled as vegan and cruelty free – so big bonus!

I live in England, which has stupidly cold winters and face melting-ly hot summers. So my skin is constantly put through the paces. As we are nearing Spring, England is also being battered by storm after storm, so it is really windy and stormy. My skin is definitely in need of some moisturising!

This stuff is amazing! It smells heavenly, without being overpowering and heavy. It also tries very quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily or slimy like other moisturisers have done. I use it after I get out of the shower and it leaves my skin all soft and smooth and lovely.

There are also a few different versions that are all meant to achieve different things: Delicious Glow, Luscious Hydration and Velvet. Whatever that means. My plan is to slowly work my way through all of the products on sale, so I shall keep you updated as to which is the best of each!

Overall: 8/10. Definitely recommend this if you need a moisturiser. Now to see what the others are like!

T xxx



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