Mcdonald’s apple pie

While McDonald’s may not be the best for vegan options, the options that they do have, are actually worth a gander. I introduce to you, the Apple Pie.


These cost about 99p, so are of course really affordable. I must admit, that most of McDonald’s meals are not as cheap as they once were: If I buy one meal it now costs about £5-6, and if I’m buying for me and my partner it’s an easy £10-£15 being spent which is obviously not very affordable in the long run. But these little pies are great for those moments when you just want a sweet treat that is still really cheap and (usually) gets handed over pretty quickly and always piping hot.

I will warn you now, when I say piping hot I mean…molten. I mean that if you were to look closely at it you may see two hobbits trying to throw a ring into its centre.

Ok maybe not that hot, but I have burnt my mouth multiple times on the contents of these. The outside is lovely and crispy, and the inside is just fire. Just make sure you do not make my mistake and probably try and wait a few minutes for it to cool down.


That being said, they are not the best cheap treat available. In my experience these can be very hit and miss. Sometimes they’re fine, and other days they haven’t been fried properly or have been soaked in grease for a few years. Also the Mcdonald’s near me is always rammed with people, so I’m usually in for at least a 10-15 minute wait for food if not longer. These pies are good, but not that good. Especially if you’re not even getting a whole meal with it.

Overall: 6/10. They are a nice little pick me up if you need a cheap treat at the end of a long day. But they aren’t the greatest treats on the market.

T xx

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